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Malaysian Politics

It's not good! Really..really not good! If the leaders of this country busy with their personal problem, how they going solve the country's Problem? I'm not a malaysian. But I'm concern about malaysian politic because I love this country and I consider this place my second home. And the most important because my lovely one is malaysia citizen. I think about they welfare too. Belief me..sometime reformasi is not easy as we say it. But if the goverment change... the reformasi consider done and the transition era will be very confuse and scary because we won't know what will happen after that. I'd been in this situations before.Indonesia and Malaysia have similar problem. They can't stand in "wind of the change". You saw what happened to Indonesia when Soeharto dropped from presidential....yes..inappropriated way.. but now...after 4-5 years....malaysian also can't stand properly after YB Tun MM resigned from gorvement. The good leader is not easy to find...Good person doesn't mean good leader...and Good leader have to be good person for the sake of the nation. So please reconsider! Put the nation above everything. Hold hand together for the betterness.
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