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The soapy soap

I have sensitive skin. And all the laundry use hand wash. Only three of us in the house so the laundry is not much. Sometime I use to wash cloth for every 2 day. No washing machine here. But I still consider is ok. It's never more than 1 hours anyway, at least we can safe water and electricity, that's maid for, right?

I always choose the detergent by myself. Either 'Kuat Harimau' or 'Trojan'. I don't care the quality as long as my hand can cope with. Yes, I need to give more power when handle the stain, but as long as my hand ok, I can do it.

Last week was our shopping day. I can't go because I got another thing to do. So, only my Mom and Jojo went. I asked her to buy the detergent. I thought she know what brand I always use,  actually she didn't. So she just choose what ever she likes, she bought 'Top, super white' because she thought it will help me cleans the stain in Jojo white cloth easier. I know she have good intention. But my hand don't care about that. And soon after I used it, all my outer skin layer on my fingers come out, not all, just a big as pores but so many and very painful every time I touch water.

Worst enough I can't put 'Handsaplast' plaster on it, I need to touch water often so the plaster can't stick. Then I try to use a normal plaster, its water proof so can stick easily, but the problem arise when the time to take it out. Oh....see, what dilemma I'm in now.

I don't know what I supposed to do. The detergent still a lot. I can't just simply not use it and ask my mom to buy the new one. Wasted right? And sayang the money. But if I continue to use it, I'm suffer in silent.  What I supposed to do?

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